Carried by the winds to a distant land,
burried deep beneath the golden sand,
or sunk under the sea far from strand?

Or be it by cowardice, pretense, vanity,
ignorance, betrayal or kindred insanity,
that we lost so much of our humanity?

You may genuinely feel that it’s unfair,
perhaps too much of a burden to bare;
still, this predicament is ours to repair.

Each fully responsible to do their best;
should we persevere through this test,
with true integrity may we be blessed.


True friends are those who will defy fear,
willing to say what we most hate to hear.
Real respect is commitment to see clear;
may we dare to keep such company near.
So tell me friend: what can be more dear?


Tyrants delight in us fighting each other;
creed, colour and sister against brother.

Any way to make us weak and ashamed;
a broken spirit is docile and easily tamed.

The utopia they promised never was real,
only a rude awakening and a hellish deal.

Still, there is a clarion call for true might:
stand your ground for that which is right!


Life teaches by all ways and angles,
some pristine, others murky tangles.

Knowing thyself is the highest aim,
yet not all you are is quite the same.

Most beliefs do not come from you,
and too often they are not even true.

Their removal may not be pleasant,
still their absence is such a present!

Great many are the examples to see;
no lesser are those of how not to be.

So we must forsake what can’t stay;
truth meets rejection of lies halfway.

Precious are lessons rightly learned;
wisdom is many a time hard earned.


“Everyone is doing their best” people say,
but is that really so at the end of the day?

How can we reconcile that with free will,
or acknowledge that choice matters still?

Certainly everybody has reasons to falter,
faced with things hard and painful to alter.

Our best varies from a situation to another,
at times we might ask: “why even bother?”

Yet if we refuse to heed the call of our soul,
how may we then align with our true goal?

Only when we dare to listen may we soar,
thus reveal that we can be so much more.


Ideologies, what a curse upon humanity;
half-truths wrapped around full insanity.

Dogmatic religion, scientism or new age;
such freedom to pick your preferred cage.

Classism, speciesism, sexism and racism;
divide and conquer, the good old schism.

Rule by communism, capitalism, fascism;
faces of fear, colours of one dismal prism.

Environmentalism calling us all a cancer;
for self-loathing is surely the best answer.

Too many to name and all quite the same;
confusion and animosity is a grand game.

Alas, with free speech one risks to offend;
yet so we must, for there is much to mend.