We offer training to give you new perspectives on your individual practice, by looking again at how to use the body and mind together, which opens up to finding more effective ways of navigating life.

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Sangenkai 三元会 

– Internal Power and Aiki

Sangen (Japanese: three foundations; Heaven-Earth-Man), Kai (Japanese: union/association): The union of opposing forces, Yin (Earth) and Yang (Heaven), creating a centre (Man) inside the body. Based on traditional systems of body conditioning from the orient, such as Japanese and Chinese martial arts and Yoga, as taught by Dan Harden.

This training teaches principles of  body movement and posture, governed by focus and intent in the mind, which results in a unified and strong, yet dynamically flexible body structure. By way of solo and partner exercises, the main focus is placed on fostering a clear intent in order to build and guide the internal power of the body. Physically, the aim is to generate a structure with tensegrity (tensile integrity) in the body, achieved by activating, strengthening and removing slack from tissue (fascia) and creating good posture and movement.

Well suited for most people with a serious interest in building a healthy relationship with their body and provides additional benefits for those who already have a practice, such as martial arts, dance and yoga, by creating a deeper applicable understanding of the internal landscape of a human body.

Some benefits of this training:
– Understanding of how to properly use (and release unwanted) tension.
– Correcting structural problems, such as back and knee issues.
– Increase strength in a way that is not largely dependent on muscle mass.
– Develops mindfulness through focus and intent practice.
– Applicable to everyday activities.

More information about the method:
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