Living Ancestors

Welcome to our blog! The name of this section is inspired by a project called Tomorrow’s Ancestors Speak, with the idea that those of us alive now are the living ancestors of the generations that come after us; of those already here and those yet to come. What we share here are things that we feel have a potential to inform and empower others to develop responsibility and act to make a positive difference in the world.


May all experience rejuvenating rest,
so to meet life with revigorated zest.
To have loved ones steadily abreast;
by friends, ever the welcomed guest.
To know a communion truly blessed,
and receive courage to face any test.
To always seek to bring out the best,
and ever invite gratitude to manifest.


Each passing moment has a cost;
choose well what matters utmost.

Frivolously, or by conscious intent;
nonetheless our life force is spent.

To either fuel the destructive race,
or making the world a better place.

Every choice, part of the total sum,
affecting generations yet to come.

As those who lived to be wise say:
lies are not worth the price we pay.

Walking a path with truth as guide,
we may yet abide past false divide.


Every soul has a true treasure;
so precious, beyond measure!

As a seed lingering in the dark,
deeply yearning for life’s spark.

Dance, song or a life well lived;
by the same source conceived.

Find and nourish your own art;
beauty radiates to every heart!


A matriarch or patriarch?
The outcome is yet stark.
How about right and left?
Different hands, still theft.
In all shapes and colours;
lust for power over others.
By whichever given name,
slavery remains the same.
Either overted or coverted,
freedom is still subverted.
Not within either extreme;
balance is found between.
Any rape is still too much;
are other peaks not such?
Let’s now forsake the lies,
as to rise anew, truly wise!


Glorious mischief be a-foot;
humanity is in for a re-boot!

Worn shoes unfit for dance;
the transition is our chance.

To be truly freedom bound,
with feet on sacred ground.

So come all souls still wild:
stride with the turning tide!


False ego, parasite, program and akin;
we cannot lie to those dwelling within.

For what is on our minds they can tell;
our thought they know intimately well.

So our hope does not rest with escape,
rather in changing the inner landscape.

To embrace a deeper truth as our way;
one so profound that we can truly say:

“Even as I shall dance closer to death,
I choose to welcome life’s raw breath.”


Ever alluring to escape the calling of life;
one often rife with doubt, woe and strife.

And yet, joy may also cause eyes to tear;
beyond fear, something true awaits near.

While purpose may appear hard to know,
if we grow, the unwinding path will show.

So hear anew the beating ancestral drum;
love’s hum echoes what we may become.


Carried by the winds to a distant land,
burried deep beneath the golden sand,
or sunk under the sea far from strand?

Or be it by cowardice, pretense, vanity,
ignorance, betrayal or kindred insanity,
that we lost so much of our humanity?

You may genuinely feel that it’s unfair,
perhaps too much of a burden to bare;
still, this predicament is ours to repair.

Each fully responsible to do their best;
should we persevere through this test,
with true integrity may we be blessed.


True friends are those who will defy fear,
willing to say what we most hate to hear.
Real respect is commitment to see clear;
may we dare to keep such company near.
So tell me friend: what can be more dear?


Tyrants delight in us fighting each other;
creed, colour and sister against brother.

Any way to make us weak and ashamed;
a broken spirit is docile and easily tamed.

The utopia they promised never was real,
only a rude awakening and a hellish deal.

Still, there is a clarion call for true might:
stand your ground for that which is right!