Living Ancestors

Welcome to our blog! The name of this section is inspired by a project called Tomorrow’s Ancestors Speak, with the idea that those of us alive now are the living ancestors of the generations that come after us; of those already here and those yet to come. What we share here are things that we feel have a potential to inform and empower others to develop responsibility and act to make a positive difference in the world.


For all of you who want to reign in Hell,
I got terribly disappointing news to tell:

That throne has countless contenders;
the true heirs thrive on you pretenders.

And as your usefulness certainly ends,
you will be backstabbed by old friends.

All that you so lust to have and control,
will turn to ash at the cost of your soul.

Must the whole world perpetually burn,
before you at long last accept to learn?


Lies have no power to really create,
only to corrupt, invert and simulate.

Convincing us that truth is not true,
making us forget what we all knew.

Ever the seemingly opposed sides;
obscuring where the trickery hides.

Heed which waters are thrown out;
here proverbial babies swim about.

Sangenkai Seminar 8&9/12/18

Welcome to another Sangenkai seminar in Umeå!

We have invited Matei Ionescu again, from Sangenkai Norway, to hold a basic workshop in Sangen (internal power & aiki), as taught by Dan Harden – more info and relevant links here. This time we will do two days in order to go more in-depth.

Practical information:

No prior experience or other training required. Please wear casual clothing such as t-shirts and sweatpants or shorts. Advisable to bring a notebook and a water bottle.

Lunch is not included, so bring your own; the locale has a kitchen and dinning tables. There are food shops and restaurants nearby too.

Saturday & Sunday (8th and 9th December)
10:00-13:00 – Training
13:00-14:00 – Lunch
14:00-17:00 – Training

Location: Umeå Kampcenter

Price: 1200 SEK

To sign up or if any questions, please contact us:


Beliefs have proclivity to self-confirm;
we propagate the thoughts we affirm.

Not just any flights of fancy mind you,
but that which we deeply hold as true.

“No one deserves my unique wonder”
may truly be “unlovable” hiding under.

Real shadow work may serve us well;
the antidote to a self-maintained hell.


Friendship is antithesis to service by lip;
the friend valued above the relationship.

A wholehearted aim for each to be free,
by illuminating blind spots we don’t see.

“Tell me truth, but only the way I want it”
is for such a communion utmostly unfit.

If we realize what is ultimately our best,
we may meet life in a way truly blessed.


Feelings are of mind, emotions by the heart;
ever seeking each other, yet strangely apart.

If the energies in motion aren’t properly felt,
how can these companions creatively melt?

Likewise with happiness ungrounded in joy;
an endeavour made from a disastrous ploy.

The dance between conveyed and received,
determining every manifestation conceived.


In a time of deciet easy yields no ease;
false comfort provides no inner peace.

The solace must be of a different kind:
the awakening of a true warrior’s mind.

Courage to defy a sanity fog so dense;
Serenity to meet Life beyond pretense.

Truth is unyieldingly at war with the lie,
and thus the true devotees live and die.


What if that for which a heart bleeds,
and our very dearly held creeds,
diverge from where the Truth leads?

If we run too far in a single direction,
ever further from introspection,
may we remain open for correction?

If the lens which we see life through,
is a belief as rigid as dried glue,
shall we still recognise what is true?

For how long can we refuse to learn,
and discard our care to discern,
before reaching a point of no return?


Asking for Truth is to request real eyes,
unveiling even the most wonderful lies.

To surrender something believed dear;
a trial to overcome one’s greatest fear.

Convergence of reality and perception;
an informed interception of deception.

And so end pretense with persistence,
embracing the raw grace of existence.


To dismiss what we don’t comprehend,
is a path to our growth’s immature end.

An error we should so diligently correct;
failure to do so may be a grand neglect.

Quest-ion, im-plore yourself to ex-plore;
the journey asks of us to open the door.

As be-coming is an ongoing unwinding,
each is integral for what we are finding.