ReSee, as to ReSpect: look again;
our guide to live a way truly sane.
Life, with a fully living perception;
an aimed path beyond deception.


The many terrible perils of conformity,
don’t end at the dullness of uniformity.
Should curiosity lead you another way,
old relations will hastily fall into decay.
An obstacle to be given its proper due;
the risk is never realising a unique you.
Yet this need not be cause for despair;
lessons learned make one truly aware.


Your ship has no other Captain but you,
yet Integrity failure invites a nasty crew.
Uncorrected, mutiny surely takes place;
inner Sovereignty thus falls from Grace.

The magical being tamed and hijacked,
animated by a Soul shackled, yet intact.
Locked away as an invaluable treasure,
an energy source beyond any measure.

And compass-ion is reduced to silence,
yielding way for the tyranny of violence.
In the mirror a stranger is looking back;
for how long will we allow such attack?

Is Courage the Virtue of a time bygone,
or will we endure what has to be done?
To stand in face of suffering and strife,
with our Hearts wide open to all of Life.


Even if someone feels badly offended,
it doesn’t mean offense was intended.
If interaction has to be void of friction,
no expression may escape restriction.

Lest everybody’s eventually offensive,
and everyone is proactively defensive.
The honesty that we proclaim so dear,
will thus be shackled by crippling fear.

Such madness, unchecked, turns viral,
descending into a degenerating spiral.
Genuinity will suffer in such an abyss;
may we choose more wisely than this.


“I would, if it wasn’t for…”
This invisible prison door;
harboured fear at its core.
No start or a midway quit,
every aversion to commit;
a fruition is denied permit.
Awaiting the perfect time,
that might never be mine;
paradigm paralysis prime.


Victim-perpetrator bond is an ugly game;
the anticipation and generation of blame.

An external saviour completes the trinity;
whether terrestrial, off-world or a divinity.

The roles can be reversed and recapped;
for added confusion they are overlapped.

A ceaseless assault on response-ability;
a degradation of self-worth and humility.

Men versus women? Prepared for battle!
Believers or heretics? Nothing but cattle!

Colour conflict? Whatever fits the frame,
so long as the outcome keeps the same.

If eye for an eye plays out at group scale,
is the unique individual not set up to fail?

Living under constant duress and stress;
a dream come true for control busi-ness.

It begs a question: why persist in playing,
when we are the ones losing and paying?


Each passing moment has a cost;
choose well what matters utmost.

Frivolously, or by conscious intent;
nonetheless our life force is spent.

To either fuel the destructive race,
or making the world a better place.

Every choice, part of the total sum,
affecting generations yet to come.

As those who lived to be wise say:
lies are not worth the price we pay.

Walking a path with truth as guide,
we may yet abide past false divide.


Carried by the winds to a distant land,
burried deep beneath the golden sand,
or sunk under the sea far from strand?

Or be it by cowardice, pretense, vanity,
ignorance, betrayal or kindred insanity,
that we lost so much of our humanity?

You may genuinely feel that it’s unfair,
perhaps too much of a burden to bare;
still, this predicament is ours to repair.

Each fully responsible to do their best;
should we persevere through this test,
with true integrity may we be blessed.


Life teaches by all ways and angles,
some pristine, others murky tangles.

Knowing thyself is the highest aim,
yet not all you are is quite the same.

Most beliefs do not come from you,
and too often they are not even true.

Their removal may not be pleasant,
still their absence is such a present!

Great many are the examples to see;
no lesser are those of how not to be.

So we must forsake what can’t stay;
truth meets rejection of lies halfway.

Precious are lessons rightly learned;
wisdom is many a time hard earned.


Courage is to still dare to speak and sing,
when anxiety swells the throat like a bee sting.

Courage is to sustain deep respect for life,
even in times when it appears only rife with strife.

Courage is to bear the integrity of the wise;
no less so when truth is accused of being lies.

Courage is a choice that requires to be made,
often in defiance of all considerations weighed.

“Courage is not simply one of the virtues
but the form of every virtue at the testing point,
which means at the point of highest reality. ”
― C.S. Lewis