Feelings are of mind, emotions by the heart;
ever seeking each other, yet strangely apart.

If the energies in motion aren’t properly felt,
how can these companions creatively melt?

Likewise with happiness ungrounded in joy;
an endeavour made from a disastrous ploy.

The dance between conveyed and received,
determining every manifestation conceived.


May we all use communication wisely;
most impeccably and aimed precisely.

In defiance of the mindless gossiping;
end self-gratification and ego-tripping.

A complimentary principle, like giving,
and how to be truly open to receiving.

Error correction mastery sets all free;
as we believe, so we behave and see.


Love and Wisdom cannot be separated;
a communion so eternally consecrated.

Ever they feel- and return to each other,
like her children and their Great Mother.

When such link is denied and forgotten,
grave suffering and sorrow is begotten.

Do you hear the call for remembrance?
A return to the path of living reverence!