In a time of deciet easy yields no ease;
false comfort provides no inner peace.

The solace must be of a different kind:
the awakening of a true warrior’s mind.

Courage to defy a sanity fog so dense;
Serenity to meet Life beyond pretense.

Truth is unyieldingly at war with the lie,
and thus the true devotees live and die.


What if that for which a heart bleeds,
and our very dearly held creeds,
diverge from where the Truth leads?

If we run too far in a single direction,
ever further from introspection,
may we remain open for correction?

If the lens which we see life through,
is a belief as rigid as dried glue,
shall we still recognise what is true?

For how long can we refuse to learn,
and discard our care to discern,
before reaching a point of no return?


Asking for Truth is to request real eyes,
unveiling even the most wonderful lies.

To surrender something believed dear;
a trial to overcome one’s greatest fear.

Convergence of reality and perception;
an informed interception of deception.

And so end pretense with persistence,
embracing the raw grace of existence.


To dismiss what we don’t comprehend,
is a path to our growth’s immature end.

An error we should so diligently correct;
failure to do so may be a grand neglect.

Quest-ion, im-plore yourself to ex-plore;
the journey asks of us to open the door.

As be-coming is an ongoing unwinding,
each is integral for what we are finding.


Where our beliefs will not let the mind go,
there true imagination cannot either flow.

As the Natives couldn’t see the big ships,
the invaders had their perception eclipse.

Intimate with travel and conquering feats,
yet estranged to our Mother’s heart beats.

With Ancestors alike their New World kin,
still what they saw was a world full of sin.

And as it had befallen their people before,
they lay waste to those beyond the shore.

Thus yet another great Paradise was lost;
the rejection of Nature has a terrible cost.

Continuity with a price increasingly steep;
the Old World wound is ancient and deep.

Our innate spirituality violently up-rooted,
with intuition & conscience all but muted.

The broken always seek a reality remake;
to be whole again, or for all else to break.

And now, that choice falls on us to make;
past guilt and blame, for everyone’s sake.

Even if the dissociation is a mastered art,
we are still all Native in body and at heart.


Behind and beyond every shore,
a story that is mine and your:
Primal in all ancient lore,
exististing evermore;
a wide open door
direct to Core.
What we long for
is the way to restore
what our hearts implore:
Courage to Life truly explore.
The invitation to profundly soar!


Victim-perpetrator bond is an ugly game;
the anticipation and generation of blame.

An external saviour completes the trinity;
whether terrestrial, off-world or a divinity.

The roles can be reversed and recapped;
for added confusion they are overlapped.

A ceaseless assault on response-ability;
a degradation of self-worth and humility.

Men versus women? Prepared for battle!
Believers or heretics? Nothing but cattle!

Colour conflict? Whatever fits the frame,
so long as the outcome keeps the same.

If eye for an eye plays out at group scale,
is the unique individual not set up to fail?

Living under constant duress and stress;
a dream come true for control busi-ness.

It begs a question: why persist in playing,
when we are the ones losing and paying?


Wisdom can be neither bought nor sold,
nor is it given freely just for growing old.

It may not be stolen or created by force;
this mimicry can only be false of course.

A thousand lessons may reveal nothing,
if the sole desire is receiving something.

Life seeks our co-evolving participation;
not make-believe but living imagination.


Love and Wisdom cannot be separated;
a communion so eternally consecrated.

Ever they feel- and return to each other,
like her children and their Great Mother.

When such link is denied and forgotten,
grave suffering and sorrow is begotten.

Do you hear the call for remembrance?
A return to the path of living reverence!


Life wants you and me to be free;
freedom is the great truth peak.
Life wants you and me to be;
essences presences seek.
Life wants you and me;
every song is unique.
And to deeply see
Life’s mystique.
Its devotee?
So speak!