Imagine if we encouraged our Youth
with an indomitable Love for Truth.
And how to be Courageously Strong,
rather than fear of all that is wrong.
Truly Knowing that they are Blessed,
and still thus if woefully distressed.
This Light of Life upon all bestowed;
may it so sustain each Unique Ode.


The Golden Rule is apophatically true:
Do not commit against another being,
what you wouldn’t want done to you;
a perspective shift that’s truly freeing.
By refusing to give power to violence,
the suffering isn’t further propagated.
“No” shatters the paralysis of silence;
Love for sanctity of Life is reinstated.


Beliefs have proclivity to self-confirm;
we propagate the thoughts we affirm.

Not just any flights of fancy mind you,
but that which we deeply hold as true.

“No one deserves my unique wonder”
may truly be “unlovable” hiding under.

Real shadow work may serve us well;
the antidote to a self-maintained hell.


Behind and beyond every shore,
a story that is mine and your:
Primal in all ancient lore,
exististing evermore;
a wide open door
direct to Core.
What we long for
is the way to restore
what our hearts implore:
Courage to Life truly explore.
The invitation to profundly soar!


Love and Wisdom cannot be separated;
a communion so eternally consecrated.

Ever they feel- and return to each other,
like her children and their Great Mother.

When such link is denied and forgotten,
grave suffering and sorrow is begotten.

Do you hear the call for remembrance?
A return to the path of living reverence!


Life wants you and me to be free;
freedom is the great truth peak.
Life wants you and me to be;
essences presences seek.
Life wants you and me;
every song is unique.
And to deeply see
Life’s mystique.
Its devotee?
So speak!


May all experience rejuvenating rest,
so to meet life with revigorated zest.
To have loved ones steadily abreast;
by friends, ever the welcomed guest.
To know a communion truly blessed,
and receive courage to face any test.
To always seek to bring out the best,
and ever invite gratitude to manifest.


Ever alluring to escape the calling of life;
one often rife with doubt, woe and strife.

And yet, joy may also cause eyes to tear;
beyond fear, something true awaits near.

While purpose may appear hard to know,
if we grow, the unwinding path will show.

So hear anew the beating ancestral drum;
love’s hum echoes what we may become.


True friends are those who will defy fear,
willing to say what we most hate to hear.
Real respect is commitment to see clear;
may we dare to keep such company near.
So tell me friend: what can be more dear?

Life Loves You

Invite Wisdom to be your companion and guide;
with such an ally Heart, Mind and Action become unified.
Seek out Courage to find your own path and to go all the way;
this is a friend who will sustain you even as you wander astray.
Embrace the Wilful Service of that which you know to be True,
thus you can recall what you always knew: Life Loves You!