Come my friend, sing for us your song;
Reawaken the hearts so we may all be strong.
Far or near, still right here… we will hear.
Come my friend, sing for us your song;
Remind us of what is right and what is wrong.
When we can see, we will be… truly free.
Come my friend, sing for us your song;
The truth unfolding has been within all along.
All that you bring, let it ring… come sing.


Liberation is a matter of perception;
an illusion, known as such, holds no deception.
The disconnection is the big misconception.
This real-eyes-ation is essential for illumination;
then mediation is not an escape, but a celebration.
Between division and oneness there is no separation;
all manifestation is equally within and of creation.


Spare me not the truth by fearing to offend;
this is my request to you, beloved friend.
By the masquerades and shrouded lies,
the bond of kinship slowly withers and dies.
If something feels amiss, seek out why;
save the hearts from another broken goodbye.