Hello again! said the boot to the face,
stamping atop in a pretence of grace.

Offering wonderous gift-wrapped lies:
all you want, so long as freedom dies.

With followers obeying what they say,
to power despots will carve their way.

Masked like rulers, queens and kings;
marionettes pulled by unseen strings.

Fear, greed, ignorance or false cause;
the fuel for any tyranny that ever was.

An old story told by unheeded voices;
perchance time for different choices?

Nevermore serve slavery and murder;
draw the line – this far but NO further!

Surely if humanity grows a backbone,
any would-be tyrants will stand alone.


A matriarch or patriarch?
The outcome is yet stark.
How about right and left?
Different hands, still theft.
In all shapes and colours;
lust for power over others.
By whichever given name,
slavery remains the same.
Either overted or coverted,
freedom is still subverted.
Not within either extreme;
balance is found between.
Any rape is still too much;
are other peaks not such?
Let’s now forsake the lies,
as to rise anew, truly wise!