ReSee, as to ReSpect: look again;
our guide to live a way truly sane.
Life, with a fully living perception;
an aimed path beyond deception.


Essentiality at risk of being lost,
as we seek equality at any cost.
If we are forced to be the same,
the unique spirit emerges tame.
Without the capacity for seeing,
the ever innate value of a being.
While measured and restrained,
may true humanity be retained?


True friends are those who will defy fear,
willing to say what we most hate to hear.
Real respect is commitment to see clear;
may we dare to keep such company near.
So tell me friend: what can be more dear?


Courage is to still dare to speak and sing,
when anxiety swells the throat like a bee sting.

Courage is to sustain deep respect for life,
even in times when it appears only rife with strife.

Courage is to bear the integrity of the wise;
no less so when truth is accused of being lies.

Courage is a choice that requires to be made,
often in defiance of all considerations weighed.

“Courage is not simply one of the virtues
but the form of every virtue at the testing point,
which means at the point of highest reality. ”
― C.S. Lewis

The Parallel

For better or worse, commerce is an integral part of society, but it also serves as a useful metaphor for life itself; We either pay upfront or we pay later, with interest and often hidden costs. To a parent this hopefully becomes a(p)parent sooner rather than later. We might say that children steal our present freedom through the care and attention that they require for proper development, and there is something to that.
But if we believe that the potential of life is greater than what is currently manifested, than that burden must be carried now. Our own evolution is deeply intertwined with that of the coming generations. Sacrifice is either made when necessitated or manyfold later, and perhaps too late then, by all parts involved.
In summary, the price for a meaningful life is either the responsibility we bear towards the realisation of it or by the torment of it’s absence, which exponentially grows into a black hole of despair and resentment.


Liberation is a matter of perception;
an illusion, known as such, holds no deception.
The disconnection is the big misconception.
This real-eyes-ation is essential for illumination;
then mediation is not an escape, but a celebration.
Between division and oneness there is no separation;
all manifestation is equally within and of creation.


Alone, he keeps vigil on his enveloping wall;
a warden of the seal upon the hallowed hall.
Deeply consumed by the worries for her sake,
so little he knows of how much she can take.

She would break again, and thousand times more,
her Grace calls the endless sea to this shore.
The wonders that now seem like a distant dream;
in silence he can still hear her sing of them to him.

He is the fear of a mind drifted far apart;
She is the Love within the sacred heart.
Beloved companions, so dear to all of Creation,
awaken and herald the end of this separation.


Spare me not the truth by fearing to offend;
this is my request to you, beloved friend.
By the masquerades and shrouded lies,
the bond of kinship slowly withers and dies.
If something feels amiss, seek out why;
save the hearts from another broken goodbye.


Courage is not the absence of fear, strength of character is not the lack of temptation.
They are  always choices.

Whoever you were, whoever you are: you are not damned, nor are you beyond forgiveness.
This reconciliation is the challenge before us; much humbleness and compassion is required.

Beyond this awaits true humanity; the kingdom of Love.