Escape from Responsibility;
the grand exercise in futility.
In the web of lies we weave,
it is ourself we truly deceive.
As the ‘my freedom’ illusion;
a union forged in confusion.
Our shared plight is aligned;
we’re all deeply intertwined.
Only a way for all to be Free
protects the right to Liberty.


Tyrants delight in us fighting each other;
creed, colour and sister against brother.

Any way to make us weak and ashamed;
a broken spirit is docile and easily tamed.

The utopia they promised never was real,
only a rude awakening and a hellish deal.

Still, there is a clarion call for true might:
stand your ground for that which is right!


Too little and there will be naught to learn,
yet too much and the ordeal will only burn.

Still we must dance on this edge of a blade,
and arise again whenever we have strayed.

“Just enough” means exactly what we say:
do what is right, in the most balanced way.


Should we strive to do things right,
or what is right as well as we might?

All the better if we can unite the two,
still, how often is that actually true?

Do we choose a fast journey to fame,
or a road with truth as our highest aim?

One path is certainly easier to master,
yet is not wrong done right a disaster?

No excuse will do at the end of the day;
our conscience will still have its say.