Wisdom can be neither bought nor sold,
nor is it given freely just for growing old.

It may not be stolen or created by force;
this mimicry can only be false of course.

A thousand lessons may reveal nothing,
if the sole desire is receiving something.

Life seeks our co-evolving participation;
not make-believe but living imagination.


Love and Wisdom cannot be separated;
a communion so eternally consecrated.

Ever they feel- and return to each other,
like her children and their Great Mother.

When such link is denied and forgotten,
grave suffering and sorrow is begotten.

Do you hear the call for remembrance?
A return to the path of living reverence!


A matriarch or patriarch?
The outcome is yet stark.
How about right and left?
Different hands, still theft.
In all shapes and colours;
lust for power over others.
By whichever given name,
slavery remains the same.
Either overted or coverted,
freedom is still subverted.
Not within either extreme;
balance is found between.
Any rape is still too much;
are other peaks not such?
Let’s now forsake the lies,
as to rise anew, truly wise!


Tyrants delight in us fighting each other;
creed, colour and sister against brother.

Any way to make us weak and ashamed;
a broken spirit is docile and easily tamed.

The utopia they promised never was real,
only a rude awakening and a hellish deal.

Still, there is a clarion call for true might:
stand your ground for that which is right!


Life teaches by all ways and angles,
some pristine, others murky tangles.

Knowing thyself is the highest aim,
yet not all you are is quite the same.

Most beliefs do not come from you,
and too often they are not even true.

Their removal may not be pleasant,
still their absence is such a present!

Great many are the examples to see;
no lesser are those of how not to be.

So we must forsake what can’t stay;
truth meets rejection of lies halfway.

Precious are lessons rightly learned;
wisdom is many a time hard earned.


Courage is to still dare to speak and sing,
when anxiety swells the throat like a bee sting.

Courage is to sustain deep respect for life,
even in times when it appears only rife with strife.

Courage is to bear the integrity of the wise;
no less so when truth is accused of being lies.

Courage is a choice that requires to be made,
often in defiance of all considerations weighed.

“Courage is not simply one of the virtues
but the form of every virtue at the testing point,
which means at the point of highest reality. ”
― C.S. Lewis

Life Loves You

Invite Wisdom to be your companion and guide;
with such an ally Heart, Mind and Action become unified.
Seek out Courage to find your own path and to go all the way;
this is a friend who will sustain you even as you wander astray.
Embrace the Wilful Service of that which you know to be True,
thus you can recall what you always knew: Life Loves You!