Liberation is a matter of perception;
an illusion, known as such, holds no deception.
The disconnection is the big misconception.
This real-eyes-ation is essential for illumination;
then mediation is not an escape, but a celebration.
Between division and oneness there is no separation;
all manifestation is equally within and of creation.


Alone, he keeps vigil on his enveloping wall;
a warden of the seal upon the hallowed hall.
Deeply consumed by the worries for her sake,
so little he knows of how much she can take.

She would break again, and thousand times more,
her Grace calls the endless sea to this shore.
The wonders that now seem like a distant dream;
in silence he can still hear her sing of them to him.

He is the fear of a mind drifted far apart;
She is the Love within the sacred heart.
Beloved companions, so dear to all of Creation,
awaken and herald the end of this separation.

The Dream

I longed for your presence,
so I dreamed that you were here.
For the briefest of moments,
I remembered that you are always here.
Your absence is the dream.

You are me and I am you,
divided so we can experience unification.
Night, and I am once again asleep,
the dawn dancing patiently on the edge.
Light and darkness falling in love once more.

Wake with me.