Feelings are of mind, emotions by the heart;
ever seeking each other, yet strangely apart.

If the energies in motion aren’t properly felt,
how can these companions creatively melt?

Likewise with happiness ungrounded in joy;
an endeavour made from a disastrous ploy.

The dance between conveyed and received,
determining every manifestation conceived.


What if that for which a heart bleeds,
and our very dearly held creeds,
diverge from where the Truth leads?

If we run too far in a single direction,
ever further from introspection,
may we remain open for correction?

If the lens which we see life through,
is a belief as rigid as dried glue,
shall we still recognise what is true?

For how long can we refuse to learn,
and discard our care to discern,
before reaching a point of no return?


Where our beliefs will not let the mind go,
there true imagination cannot either flow.

As the Natives couldn’t see the big ships,
the invaders had their perception eclipse.

Intimate with travel and conquering feats,
yet estranged to our Mother’s heart beats.

With Ancestors alike their New World kin,
still what they saw was a world full of sin.

And as it had befallen their people before,
they lay waste to those beyond the shore.

Thus yet another great Paradise was lost;
the rejection of Nature has a terrible cost.

Continuity with a price increasingly steep;
the Old World wound is ancient and deep.

Our innate spirituality violently up-rooted,
with intuition & conscience all but muted.

The broken always seek a reality remake;
to be whole again, or for all else to break.

And now, that choice falls on us to make;
past guilt and blame, for everyone’s sake.

Even if the dissociation is a mastered art,
we are still all Native in body and at heart.


Behind and beyond every shore,
a story that is mine and your:
Primal in all ancient lore,
exististing evermore;
a wide open door
direct to Core.
What we long for
is the way to restore
what our hearts implore:
Courage to Life truly explore.
The invitation to profundly soar!


Truth is always that which really is,
perception’s however hit-and-miss.
May we ever seek to reconcile this.

It’s primarily a matter of alignment;
the work of continuous refinement.
The defiance of false confinement.

To live by the real law of attraction,
and unity of mind, heart and action.
Thus we may find true satisfaction.


Every soul has a true treasure;
so precious, beyond measure!

As a seed lingering in the dark,
deeply yearning for life’s spark.

Dance, song or a life well lived;
by the same source conceived.

Find and nourish your own art;
beauty radiates to every heart!


Come my friend, sing for us your song;
Reawaken the hearts so we may all be strong.
Far or near, still right here… we will hear.
Come my friend, sing for us your song;
Remind us of what is right and what is wrong.
When we can see, we will be… truly free.
Come my friend, sing for us your song;
The truth unfolding has been within all along.
All that you bring, let it ring… come sing.


Virtually anything can be labeled as dirty; minds, thoughts, feelings, actions, behaviours, objects and beings.

So what is this mysterious omnipresent property that we call “dirt”? Say it out loud: D(the) IRT(earth). Also, in the Latin languages, from which nearly 60% of the English language is derived from, d’/de means “from or of”. In essence, something (from/of) Earth(ly).

While dirty might occasionally have a positive meaning, mainly due to being “raw”, it is overwhelmingly considered as something bad and to be avoided.

This is part of what Chris (Darren) Deojee (YouTube channel) refers to as “the alien mind” in his works;

I have found most Westerners have an alien mind: a visitor, firmly embedded in them. How do you know if this is you? Here are some questions that will quickly reveal the case: 

Do you 

A: like to visit nature (as compared to seamlessly experiencing yourself AS nature).

B: refer to ‘indigenous people’ without referring to yourself?

C: view the ‘earth’ (mud/soil etc) as being ‘dirty,’ or to be avoided, or not trodden on without ‘footwear’.

Where is one speaking/thinking from if this is the case?

These are not the behaviours of a native entity to this planet. I am NOT saying ‘an actual alien is in you’. I AM saying that your mind IS behaving like a visitor, a disembodied observer, an ‘alien’, if the above is true for you.”

More indepth here: http://www.masterdeojee.com/do-you-have-alien-mind-a-visitor-in-you/


Many are the unformed paths that lay ahead;
Raw potential shaped by the way we thread.

The fearful routes offer the promise of dimished resistance,
At the price of an even less meaningful existence.

The roads less travelled call to the brave at heart;
A journey where peril and growth are never far apart.

Life deeply yearns for our wilful participation,
Awaiting our choices with great anticipation.

Being Like Music

Music is something that defines humanity and is held in the highest regard, virtually anywhere and everywhere. Why is it so and what use is there in knowing that?

I believe it is because it affects us on all levels of being simultaneously. The building blocks of music are much like a spoken language and also highly mathematical in nature, which, consciously or unconsciously, appeals to the rational mind that craves for harmony and order.

For that it come alive, however, it needs emotional infusion. Whether it be by joy, sorrow, anger or love, something is born which both the performers and those who hear it can partake in and expand upon.

Still even more fundamentally, it connects, through the beats, rhythm and vibration, with our physical bodies, creating movement as if synchronising with our own heartbeat and grounding the experience.

Together, all of this has the potential to create what one might call a spiritual experience; weaving all aspects of being into a harmonious event that is greater than the sum of its parts. Everything is spiritual in essence, but without context and purpose something becomes mundane.

By studying and understanding something that so obviously works, we just might figure out how to apply its principles to other forms of communication and action, so that we might reach ourselves and others in an equally effective manner.