Being Like Music

Music is something that defines humanity and is held in the highest regard, virtually anywhere and everywhere. Why is it so and what use is there in knowing that?

I believe it is because it affects us on all levels of being simultaneously. The building blocks of music are much like a spoken language and also highly mathematical in nature, which, consciously or unconsciously, appeals to the rational mind that craves for harmony and order.

For that it come alive, however, it needs emotional infusion. Whether it be by joy, sorrow, anger or love, something is born which both the performers and those who hear it can partake in and expand upon.

Still even more fundamentally, it connects, through the beats, rhythm and vibration, with our physical bodies, creating movement as if synchronising with our own heartbeat and grounding the experience.

Together, all of this has the potential to create what one might call a spiritual experience; weaving all aspects of being into a harmonious event that is greater than the sum of its parts. Everything is spiritual in essence, but without context and purpose something becomes mundane.

By studying and understanding something that so obviously works, we just might figure out how to apply its principles to other forms of communication and action, so that we might reach ourselves and others in an equally effective manner.

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