What if that for which a heart bleeds,
and our very dearly held creeds,
diverge from where the Truth leads?

If we run too far in a single direction,
ever further from introspection,
may we remain open for correction?

If the lens which we see life through,
is a belief as rigid as dried glue,
shall we still recognise what is true?

For how long can we refuse to learn,
and discard our care to discern,
before reaching a point of no return?


With aversion to introspection at large,
no wonder the crazy energy discharge.

Ever some point-less thing to be done;
a disfavour to ourselves and everyone.

“Anything and everything to pass time,
if only the company I keep is not mine”

While maintaining such deep dis-ease,
can we really manifest the true peace?


Behind and beyond every shore,
a story that is mine and your:
Primal in all ancient lore,
exististing evermore;
a wide open door
direct to Core.
What we long for
is the way to restore
what our hearts implore:
Courage to Life truly explore.
The invitation to profundly soar!


Truth is always that which really is,
perception’s however hit-and-miss.
May we ever seek to reconcile this.

It’s primarily a matter of alignment;
the work of continuous refinement.
The defiance of false confinement.

To live by the real law of attraction,
and unity of mind, heart and action.
Thus we may find true satisfaction.


“Everyone is doing their best” people say,
but is that really so at the end of the day?

How can we reconcile that with free will,
or acknowledge that choice matters still?

Certainly everybody has reasons to falter,
faced with things hard and painful to alter.

Our best varies from a situation to another,
at times we might ask: “why even bother?”

Yet if we refuse to heed the call of our soul,
how may we then align with our true goal?

Only when we dare to listen may we soar,
thus reveal that we can be so much more.


Too little and there will be naught to learn,
yet too much and the ordeal will only burn.

Still we must dance on this edge of a blade,
and arise again whenever we have strayed.

“Just enough” means exactly what we say:
do what is right, in the most balanced way.

The Parallel

For better or worse, commerce is an integral part of society, but it also serves as a useful metaphor for life itself; We either pay upfront or we pay later, with interest and often hidden costs. To a parent this hopefully becomes a(p)parent sooner rather than later. We might say that children steal our present freedom through the care and attention that they require for proper development, and there is something to that.
But if we believe that the potential of life is greater than what is currently manifested, than that burden must be carried now. Our own evolution is deeply intertwined with that of the coming generations. Sacrifice is either made when necessitated or manyfold later, and perhaps too late then, by all parts involved.
In summary, the price for a meaningful life is either the responsibility we bear towards the realisation of it or by the torment of it’s absence, which exponentially grows into a black hole of despair and resentment.


You marvel at the mystery that is Life;
beholding endless beauty, yet so much strife.

You declare your love for everyone to know,
yet remain so fearful to let it truly show.

You deeply feel what it is all about,
nonetheless you are clouded by such doubt.

You are the dreamer that is lost in dreams,
where reality is not quite what it seems.

You inevitably wonder if it is all a grand mistake;
still a whisper echoes within: “it is for your sake”.